Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!

For the first time ever, Classic Kids is doing a bunny photo event!  I never thought we would ever do such a thing, mainly because of bad childhood memories of super cheesy posed bunny and chick shots. You all have seen those, right?!  The light bulb went on, however, during a recent trip to a local pet shop that has the most adorable rescue bunnies up for adoption. The early spring we are experiencing here in Chicago also had me dreaming of Easter and the impending Spring.  My ten year old son was crazy for the bunnies, and quite simply, there is no creature on the earth as adorable as a bunny!

Why not do a bunny event if we could do bunny shots in a much elevated way?  Bunnies are great to work with.  Their fuzzy bodies combined with the softness and rosy cheeks of children could be an irresistible combination! Add in the sheer delight of the children and we can create art! It got me thinking…

I began doing some research into bunnies.  They are the third most popular pet in the US behind dogs and cats.  And they are also the third most abandoned pet in the US behind dogs and cats.  It seems that there are oodles of bunnies out there in need of a good home!  Who knew?  There are actually shelters and vets all across the US who take in abandoned bunnies.  The lucky bunnies find no-kill shelters, but unfortunately many do not!  Same as cats and dogs.  The clear trend with cats and dogs has been to adopt homeless animals instead of getting them from breeders.  Makes sense to take care of animals that already exist on this planet.  Same for bunnies.

So our bunny event was born!  We are bringing in adorable rescue bunnies to pose with your children.  Bunny handlers will be present to make sure that the bunnies are carefully loved and not over taxed.  If you fall hopelessly in love with one of the bunnies and want to be it’s forever home, great!  But if you don’t, or can’t, part of the session fee will go to a wonderful bunny shelter to help take care of all the abandoned bunnies.

Bunnies can make the perfect pet for the right family.  Well cared for bunnies can live for 10 to 12 years, don’t make noise, are smart, can be trained for a litter box, and can be very affectionate with their owners when properly socialized.  They don’t need to be walked, but do need plenty of time out of their cages to explore and hop around.  They do need to be carefully handled, so may not make the perfect pet for small children unless the child can be supervised at all times around the bunny.  Like dogs and cats, this may not be a good pet for those with allergies!

Here’s to gorgeous, artistic images of two of the Universe’s most precious creatures, bunnies and children!


– Julie

(owner, Classic Kids)

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