Soulful Sessions

To Smile or Not to Smile, That is the Question

For me, there is just no question at all.

There is nothing I love more than a soulful, non-smiling photograph of a child. I think when children are not smiling, and just looking or engaging in whatever they are doing, they are at their most beautiful.

The beauty of their faces, plump and soft, skin as smooth as cream is more apparent. Their beautiful clear eyes are at their largest, and their beautiful, plump lips are at their fullest when not contorted by a smile.

Their gaze is mysterious and the viewer of the photograph is left to wonder what they are thinking and feeling.

Who can argue that photographs of smiling and laughing children are not precious also? Who doesn’t want to see their children joyous and happy? I love shots like these also. In fact, Classic Kids was built on joyful shots.

Nonetheless, for me, the photos I hang of my own children in my home, are the soulful ones. They aren’t unhappy, they are just neutral. Like my children are most of the time. Just natural.

This month, we are introducing a new studio look that features soulful expressions. We love it because it’s fresh and modern yet still so very timeless. We are hoping you love these as much as we do!

It’s all about the eyes…

Portrait of a Young Boy in a White Shirt Giving a Meaningful Look, Not Smiling - Classic Kids Photography Portrait of an Infant Girl in Bandanna and White Dress, Not Smiling - Classic Kids Photography Portrait of a Young Girl in White Bandanna and Top, Not Smiling - Classic Kids Photography Portrait of a Young Girl Looking Over Her Shoulder, Not Smiling - Classic Kids Photography


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